For the remainder of my Intro to Social Media class, “Will” and I will be pairing varietals and their movie counterparts for a dynamic duo review. Before we begin I’d like to give several disclaimers and self-imposed blog rules! 
1. We are not endorsed by any movie streaming/ renting site, any film production companies, nor are we endorsed by any vineyards/wine brands. But we are millennials and we absolutely love movies, wine and movie streaming sites (holy trinity AM I RIGHT?) and we will be using movie streaming platforms for this endeavor. We’ll totally review your wine if you happen to send it to us and if we can figure out a good movie pairing…
2. First and foremost, this is a parody review site. Any negative reviews are tongue and cheek and should be taken with a grain of salt. We also don’t claim to be professionals in anything other than our own tastes. I have personally enjoyed drinking boxed wine*and although “Will” is in the industry, he wants to add the following: “The goal of this blog is, in general, to simplify wine and films and play matchmaker for them. But taste is very personal and we all experience flavor very differently. In that vein, none of us love the same things for the same reasons and not all of us love the same movies, musicians or even wines for that matter. Every varietal is like its own a genre and every winemaker is a director. They all handle the craft differently and express creativity in their own way. It’s impossible to generalize varietals (and films) in any one way. It’s like comparing Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) to Lynch’s Eraser Head (1977). Or California Cabernet Sauvignon to Bordeaux.” Pure poetry.
3. Because of this, we have chosen to respect our wallets and choose inexpensive to moderately priced and commonly found bottles of wine for our reviews (Unless Will decides to splurge…ahem).
4. We will remain relatively anonymous i.e. pseudonyms (I’ll stop using parenthesis though because it makes it sound like I have an imaginary boyfriend), no pictures of our faces, home etc. because this is a public blog and neither one of us needs another restraining order.
5. We will use a 5 star system – because we’re not more creative than that.
(P.S. Children under 21 better leave and visit some other more age appropriate sites because this is not for them.)

Without further ado we bring you our reviews! Zum wohl!

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Pablo Fernandez

    I was with the other classmate in the group that helped choose this blog for your assignment. So, I have been waiting and looking forward to keeping on top of this blog. This is a great ideal and I think you can do great things with it.

    Liked by 1 person

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